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Our Foundation

While we focus on projects that help economies flourish, our Company sets out to provide opportunities for these communities to have access to medical, education, and infrastructure in the areas we work. 

Lagos Nigeria

Areas of Focus


Access to medical is a fundamental right for humans everywhere. Good health is key to living a prosperous, happy, and fulfilled life. GCS partners with key medical suppliers to provide access to life saving medical resources.


Education is a key factor to the success and growth of economies around the world. We believe providing the proper school infrastructure for education is vital in ensuring students are set up for success.


Providing critical infrastructure to communities is crucial for life to grow. GCS is committed to partnering with organization to provide water wells for clean drinking water. Moreover, our Company has developed the tools and resources to provide support for local farmers in the areas we work


Our vision over the next 10 years is to provide these resources to over 15 countries. These counties will span from West African to Vietnam. 

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