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About Government Critical Services

GCS specializes in assisting government agencies in optimization and economic growth. Our diverse team of industry experts bring decades of combined experience in the off shore oil industry,  drone operations, and security, with a history of developing and rapidly deploying new technology to meet the unique demands of the industries GCS operates in. By using one or more of our critical services, an efficient partnership is built with a government agency and GCS. GCS equips, trains and optimizes the government agency to perform its operations at a level that meets international industry standards and best practices.

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Storm Water Management

GCS works with municipalities and local governments to perform environmental remediation of rivers to mitigate flooding and effectively manage flood water from major weather events.

Optimizing for Economic Growth

Critical Services


GCS will engineer, procure, and construct power production and distribution networks ranging from micro grid size up to 1000's of Mega Watts.


We also assist governments in creating and managing a strategic national fuel supply.


We provide governments with secure, custom communication networks. We also develop and deploy unique software applications to meet the specific needs of each project.

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Air Logistics

GCS provides air logistics to remote regions of the world with little to no existing infrastructure, effectively creating an air bridge to support developing projects.

Air Traffic Management

GCS assists governments in creating and administering air traffic management for a country's commercial air space. We also offer Ground Based Augmentation System (GBAS) for regions with especially challenging terrain. 


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